Toddler Program

~ 2 to 3 years

 The maximum group size in our toddler room is 12 children. Because toddlers thrive on a consistent schedule, full-time (5 days per week) enrollment is required. All meals and snacks are provided.

Our 2 year old class serves as a precursor to our preschool program. Children are offered both structured and unstructured learning time. Language, social-emotional, cognitive, self-help, and gross and fine motor skills are enhanced through music and movement, art, table toys, games, puzzles, and books. Our teachers pay special attention when talking to and listening to young children to enhance vocabulary and to develop self-esteem.

Because we understand the importance of flexibility with 2 year olds, we build our day around their needs. Our teachers are focused on helping each child reach developmental milestones at their own pace. A very rewarding milestone for this age group is potty training. Once a child begins to show self awareness and an interest in potty training, our caregivers are ready to help them succeed. Daily potty training charts are completed by caregivers to help parents track their child's success.

A Sample Day in Our Toddler Room

7:00-7:50          Arrival / Free Choice

7:50-8:30          Wash Hands! / Breakfast 

8:30-9:00          Diaper Check / Potty Break / Free Choice

9:00-9:10          Circle Time

9:10-9:30          Learning Centers

9:30-10:00        Outdoor Play

10:00-10:20      Wash Hands! / Snack

10:20-10:40      Diaper Check / Potty Break

10:40-11:00      Learning Centers

11:00-11:15       Story Time    

11:15-12:00      Wash Hands! / Lunch

12:00-12:15      Outdoor Play

12:15-12:30      Diaper Check / Potty Break 

12:30-2:00        Nap / Quiet Time

2:00-2:45          Wake-up / Clean up / Diaper Check / Potty Break

2:45-3:00          Wash Hands! / Snack 

3:00-3:30          Outdoor Play

3:30-3:45          Circle Time 

3:45-4:45          Learning Centers

4:45-5:00          Story Time

 5:00-5:15          Diaper Check / Potty Break 

5:15-5:40          Free Choice

5:40-6:00          Clean Up / Table Play / See you next time!