Preschool Program

~ 3 to 4 years

The maximum group size in our preschool room is 12 children. All meals and snacks are provided.

Preschool is an exciting time for young learners. At Creative Imaginations, preschoolers are encouraged to explore and investigate. Our program provides structured activities to help children develop a variety of skills and knowledge in the areas of early literacy, mathematics, science, and social skills. Our days are filled with hands-on experiences to help children become problem solvers and develop a love of lifelong learning.

Our 3 year old program supports each child's natural development in physical, cognitive and social skills. Our curriculum offers plenty of practice with letter and number recognition, colors and shapes. 

Three year olds love to pretend and imitate the world around them. Our classroom is full of toys, props and activities to encourage their imaginations to blossom.

A Sample Day in Our Preschool Room

7:00-7:50          Arrival / Free Choice 

7:50-8:30          Wash Hands! / Breakfast

8:30-9:00          Potty Break / Free Choice

9:00-9:10          Circle Time

9:10-9:40          Learning Centers

9:40-10:00        Wash Hands! / Story Time / Snack 

10:00-10:30      Outdoor Play

10:30-10:45      Potty Break 

10:45-11:15      Learning Centers 

11:15-12:00      Clean Up Centers / Wash Hands! / Lunch

12:00-12:15      Outdoor Play

12:15-12:30      Potty Break

12:30-2:00        Nap / Quiet Time 

2:00-3:00          Wake-up / Clean up / Potty Break / Wash Hands! / Story Time/ Snack

3:00-3:15          Circle Time 

3:15-3:30          Learning Centers

3:30-4:00          Outdoor Play

4:00-4:15          Potty Break 

4:15-5:10          Learning Centers 

5:10-5:20          Clean Up Centers 

5:20-5:40          Free Choice /Potty Break

5:40-6:00          Clean Up / Table Play / See you next time!