Infant Program

3 to 12 months






The maximum group size in our infant room is 6 children.

Our infant program serves children from 3 - 12 months. Establishing attachment and trust with caregivers is very important for infants. Continuity of care is the most effective way to achieve this. Therefore, full-time (5 days per week) enrollment is required.  

We provide fresh fruits, veggies, rice cereal, oatmeal, and snacks. Formula or breast milk and all other baby food is provided by parents. When the child is able to eat solid foods and upon the parent's approval, all meals and snacks will be provided by the center. 

Our infants are provided with personal, warm and loving care in a stimulating and healthy environment.  Because every child has a unique routine, parents and caregivers work together to develop a personalized plan that is continually updated to meet each child's needs. Caregivers communicate daily with parents about feedings, napping times, diaper changes and special moments during the day. 

We continual work to keep our rooms as sanitary as possible. High chairs and cribs are assigned to each child and consistently used for only that child while in our infant & toddler areas. Baby furniture is taken apart and washed frequently. Toys are disinfected throughout the day. Caregivers are required to wear a new pair of gloves before each diaper change and to sanitize the changing  table after each use. 


A Sample Day in Our Infant Room

7:00-7:45          Arrival/Free Play

7:45-8:30         Wash Hands! / Breakfast & Bottle

8:30-8:45          Free Play / Diaper Check

8:50-9:00          Clean Up

9:00-10:00        Morning Nap 

10:00-10:15      Wake Up / Diaper Check

10:15-10:30      Wash Hands! / Morning Snack & Bottle

10:30-11:00      Circle Time / Centers

11:00-11:20      Outdoor Play or Gross Motor Activity

11:20-12:00      Wash Hands! / Lunch & Bottle

12:00-12:30      Free Play / Diaper Check

12:30-3:00        Nap / Quiet Time

3:00-3:30          Wake-up / Wash Hands! / Snack & Bottle

3:30-4:00          Free Play / Diaper Check

4:00-4:30          Circle Time / Centers

4:30-5:00          Outdoor Play or Gross Motor Activity

5:00-5:30          Wash Hands! / Snack & Bottle 

5:30-5:45          Free Play / Diaper Check

5:45-6:00          Clean Up / See you next time!